Welcome to the Qlovaseed documentation!

Qlovaseed is an app-development framework for Go, this means you can use it to develop:

  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications.
  • Progressive webapps.

Let's get started. To use Qlovaseed you will need Go installed. You can get Go here

Run this in a commandline to update/install Qlovaseed:

    go get -u -v github.com/qlova/seed

Now you can build a HelloWorld application. In Qlovaseed, seeds are used that will grow into the application. More information on seeds will be covered later in the documentation.

Create a folder called HelloWorld and create a file inside called HelloWorld.go, paste in the following:

package main

import (
    //This is the Qlovaseed framework.

    //text is a type of seed that will display text.

    //expander is a type of seed that will expand to take up space.
    //it is very useful for centering other seeds.


func main() {
    //Create a new app called Hello World, keep in mind that an app is also a seed.
    var App = seed.NewApp("Hello World")

    //seeds can be added to other seeds with the seed.AddTo(other) pattern.

    //text has an optional second argument that sets the text.
    text.AddTo(App, "Hello World")


    //Launch the app, this will open your app in Google Chrome or your default browser.

On the commandline, run this to build the app:

    go build

There will be a resuting executable, this is your app. Try running it!